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What the experts say: 3 questions to....

Commsmatters recently met with Dr Caroline Lamy, Director of Magdus, the European observatory for the outlet centre industry. With European outlet sales growing at a rate of 8% a year between 2013 and 2017 - 10 times the rate of traditional retail sales (source: Pragma Consulting), we asked Caroline about the role technology is playing in the industry's strong performance and discussed Magdus' collaboration with the French CNCC at their upcoming annual event SIEC.

Dr Caroline Lamy, Director of Magdus

How is technology affecting the Outlet industry?

Some #outlet developers, like Neinver, Fashion House and Holy AG were the first

ones to develop multi-channel strategies. They offer digital platforms / market

places to their customers, who can now buy online, in connection

with the stocks of the physical shops of the outlet centres. In France, The Village, the scheme that recently opened near Lyon is offering this service, which allows

customers to buy items 24/7.

Marketing strategies and digital loyalty programmes are also being developed to improve customers' engagement in order to increase the number of visits per annum.

Magdus European conference takes place in Paris every other year. Next edition will be in Spring 2020

How do you see the outlet sector evolving in the next few years?

The future of the outlet industry is bright. Several outlet openings and extensions are happening in Europe within the next 24 months. Older schemes are going to be refurbished and/or released in order to stay attractive for shoppers and retailers.

Many European outlet centres now benefit from complementary activities: events, leisure facilities and new F&B offers. These complementary facilities, as well as a varied and inspirational brand offer, will lead to further increases in footfall and in onsite consumer spend.

Customers still want bargains of course, but they also want to live amazing shopping experiences!

And finally, next month is SIEC, the French Council of Shopping Centres (CNCC) annual event. For the first time, this year's event will feature an Outlet Pavilion and Magdus is collaborating on it. Why?

The French Council of Shopping Centres and Magdus have had a partnership for 10 years now. The Outlet Pavilion is celebrating this anniversary. It is also the opportunity to celebrate Magdus' 15th birthday ! But the main goal is to highlight the strength of the

Outlet industry which, while still a niche market, is evolving a lot and performing very well in a difficult economy.

For further information on the Outlet Pavilion at SIEC, please visit:

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